Dauphin County Paving Services

Central Pennsylvania’s climate and vehicles take a toll on asphalt surfaces. Temperature swings, cumbersome cars and trucks, the hot sun and battering rainfall are everyday stressors to driveways, parking lots and roadways here in Dauphin County. Over the years, surfaces naturally deteriorate and lead to cracks, potholes and divots, which compound every season.



At CMI Paving, we’ve seen all manner of asphalt problems and serve all kinds of residential and commercial clients. Each site has unique geography and traffic, but our asphalt pavers in Dauphin County have the knowledge and experience to create a pristine, protected surface that lasts.

Residential Paving Services in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

If your home’s driveway has seen better days, it might be time for a resurfacing. We offer efficient driveway paving services to Dauphin County residents. Our crew can remove and replace the topmost layer for a refreshed appearance and protection against excess moisture. 


We provide a smooth, safe blacktop for your vehicles that enhances your property’s curb appeal as well.

Managing stormwater runoff is important in preserving your driveway and your home’s condition. To remedy the drainage issues you may face, we can recommend and install a permeable driveway foundation or a gradual slope to improve how stormwater flows away from your property. If you’re planning a new asphalt driveway, leave it to us to create a durable foundation and surface or remove the existing driveway for a fresh start.


Dauphin County Commercial Paving Capabilities

CMI Paving serves the needs of businesses, local municipalities and other organizations throughout the region. Whether it’s maintaining a small storefront’s parking spaces or the lot of a larger shopping center, we provide professional repaves and installations for the asphalt surfaces your customers use every day. We also assist residential developments and homeowners associations with achieving blemish-free streets and parking areas.


Dauphin County’s boroughs can also rely on us for timely, cost-effective road resurfacing and repairs. We complete heavy-duty asphalt projects that provide what municipalities and residents expect from their infrastructure — beautiful and sustainable roadways.


If your establishment is seeking a paving contracting partner, ask us about partnership opportunities with CMI Paving.


Serving the Region for Over Three Decades

Based in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, we are a locally owned and operated paving company with nearly 40 years in business. Our approach couples personal attention and flexible, reliable solutions so we can recommend the best way to revitalize and protect asphalt for each project.


CMI Paving serves Harrisburg, Hershey, Millersburg and the surrounding communities in Dauphin County, as well as Cumberland and Perry Counties. 


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Great customer service and delivering flawless blacktop surfaces are part of what defines our team. We build partnerships with homes and businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania and are proud to call them our friends and neighbors. If a job involves improving the look and function of asphalt, you can be sure it’s within our repertoire.


Tackle your next paving project with the help of CMI Paving! Contact us online or call us today to schedule your estimate.