Cumberland County Paving Services

Central Pennsylvania’s asphalt driveways, parking lots and roadways are under constant stress. Each day, they support heavy vehicles and weather elements like harsh sun, storms and precipitation — the gradual wear and tear add up. Asphalt’s age shows itself through cracks, sunken spots, potholes and fading color.


When you need to refresh your asphalt surface’s condition and appearance, CMI Paving is the Cumberland County paving company to call. Our professional paving crew serves residential and commercial clients with timely and time-tested asphalt paving solutions, protecting the surfaces you use every day.

Driveway Repair & Renovation in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania


At CMI Paving, we take pride in our role as a local driveway paving company, and we understand how important the home’s exterior can be to our fellow Pennsylvania residents. Having a fresh, glowing driveway to come home to builds a sense of pride in your house and gives neighbors and guests an excellent impression of how you keep your property. 


Our residential driveway paving services in Cumberland County restore your asphalt’s appearance and function, helping its foundation last and diverting stormwater effectively. We’re experienced in evaluating a property’s drainage management and can assist in customizing a driveway’s stormwater runoff, whether that be with a more permeable base or a gradual slope.


Beyond milling and resurfacing residential driveways, we can excavate and replace or install a new asphalt driveway from scratch. We offer flexible, long-term paving solutions to homeowners in Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and the surrounding communities.


New Cumberland Commercial Asphalt Paving


As reputable New Cumberland commercial asphalt pavers, our solutions scale for small businesses, boroughs and other privately owned spaces. We’ve helped developments and homeowners associations resurface their parking lots and streets to benefit their residents. We also roll asphalt for shopping center parking lots, industrial park access roads and wider areas with high traffic levels, in addition to providing parking lot striping in Cumberland County.


Our crew can also work with local municipalities and townships to complete needed roadway repairs. From pothole patching to more extensive paving and asphalt replacement projects, we commit to fast turnaround times. Our goal is to ensure drivers can use your smoother, safer roads and parking lots and that your commercial property has a strong foundation for years to come.


If you’re searching for a reliable New Cumberland paving contractor that can provide quality asphalt laying over time, ask CMI Paving about partnership opportunities with your organization.


In Business for Over 35 Years


CMI Paving is a locally owned and operated paving company based in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. As members of the Cumberland County community as well, we know how much of a difference a freshly paved road or driveway makes. We also add a personable approach to our work, and we’re highly attentive to the needs and site conditions of every home or organization we visit. Trust our team with over three decades in operation to finish your projects on time and within your budget.


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We’ll work diligently to put together a paving solution that solves your long-term needs and exceeds your expectations. To get started, contact us online or give us a call to set up a visit from our experienced New Cumberland asphalt pavers or learn more about our services.