Paving Services in York, Pennsylvania

Season after season, the pavement you use every day to drive, park and walk on endures heavy vehicles and Pennsylvania’s unpredictable weather. When wear and tear cause your asphalt pavement to crack, crumble or form potholes, it’s time to call CMI Paving. As a trusted paving company in York, Pennsylvania, we’re experienced in giving homes and businesses in York County a smooth, durable surface for driveways, parking lots and roadways.

York County Residential Paving Services

We know what coming home to a well-maintained driveway means to Pennsylvania residents who take pride in their homes. Consider CMI Paving for driveway paving for your residence in York whenever your asphalt surfaces could use some extra care. We’ll provide fresh blacktop free of divots and imperfections. Addionally when looking for residential paving in York, talk to our crew for new asphalt installation and existing driveway excavation and replacement that meet your needs.

We also offer driveway drainage solutions to divert stormwater away from your home and prevent standing water from affecting your pavement, protecting your investment for the long term.

Commercial Paving in York – For Businesses

Business parking lots, industrial driveways and other high-traffic surfaces face inevitable repairs. Leave your resurfacing project with our experienced asphalt pavers in York, Pennsylvania. We restore damaged asphalt for commercial parking lots, privately owned housing development streets and industrial park access roads. If your business is planning a parking lot expansion or completing new construction, the CMI Paving team can help there too.

Our crew also assists local boroughs and municipalities with even the heaviest-duty road paving projects to maintain good driving conditions in their communities. From pothole patching services to complete road repaves, we do it all, and we strive for the fastest possible turnaround times to return motorists to the roadway.

We offer partnership opportunities to businesses, developments and homeowners associations in our service area. Contact us if you’re seeking an on-demand team for future asphalt paving projects.

CMI Paving – Operated Locally Near York for More Than 35 Years

We are a locally owned and operated company in Central Pennsylvania, and our team always aims to exceed our clients’ expectations. We also respect your time and budget, selecting the strongest and most valuable paving solutions for the job at hand.

Trust our expertise in working on anything from the smallest lots to the busiest shared roads in finding an innovative approach to asphalt and masonry projects.

Beyond York County, Pennsylvania, our paving services are also available throughout Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties.


Contact CMI Paving – Your Local York Paving Company  

Whether you need a new driveway or lot or you want a rejuvenated surface for your existing pavement, CMI Paving is the seasoned, friendly team to rely on. Our attentive customer service and thoroughness on every job make the difference at every site we visit.

Not sure about the extent of the damage to your driveway or road? Start by scheduling an estimate, and our crew will arrive to assess the asphalt conditions and recommend the best course of action for your paving project.