If you’re a homeowner, you know just how important it is to keep your driveway and any other paved surface in good shape. Your home’s exterior is the first impression you give visitors, and your pavement is a significant part of that.

Residential Asphalt Driveway Solutions


CMI Paving is your go-to destination for residential paving services and asphalt contractors in Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and the surrounding areas. Our residential asphalt paving services include driveway repairs, removal and replacement, and stormwater management solutions.

No matter the state of your driveway, you can count on our residential paving services to make sure your driveway entrance is well-paved and looking fresh for years to come.


We also offer milling and residential development. We specialize in new driveways and residential asphalt overlays for damaged roads and driveways. 


Residential Asphalt Driveway Repair in PA

Your residential asphalt driveway goes through a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. While asphalt is incredibly durable and long-lasting, it may still require maintenance from time to time. This is especially true in Central Pennsylvania, where there are constant cycles of freezing and thawing in the colder months.


Looking for driveway resurfacing near me? If you’re in need of driveway paving repair or other residential paving services, the CMI Paving crew can help! We offer entire driveway resurfacing to repair water damage and prevent the need for further repairs. We can also repair divots or potholes in your asphalt driveway.

"I was extremely pleased with John and his team. Everyone was very professional and my driveway looks great! Thank you!"
William ellison
Mechanicsburg, PA

Residential Driveway Excavation & Replacement

Depending on the condition of your blacktop driveway, removal and replacement might be a better option than repairs. At CMI Paving, we offer both services. 


How do you know when it’s time to replace your driveway? Large cracks in the asphalt may be an indicator. The age of your driveway is another factor to keep in mind. While asphalt is resilient, the material can begin to break down after a few decades of exposure to the elements and wear and tear from vehicles weighing thousands of pounds. If you find that your driveway needs frequent repairs, you might be better off replacing it with fresh residential asphalt paving.


If you’re not sure whether your driveway can benefit from residential asphalt installation for excavation and replacement, give us a call! Our crew can assess the condition of your driveway and recommend what residential paving services would be best for you.


Stormwater Management

Proper drainage is one of the key factors used to determine the quality of a residential asphalt driveway. Your driveway should have a gradual curve to allow surface drainage as well as a foundation for subgrade drainage. Insufficient stormwater management can damage the pavement over time. CMI Paving offers drainage solutions to ensure your pavement will last for years to come.

"This is probably the best experience I've ever had with any kind of contractor/crew. They are professional, organized, efficient, polite, respectful. They showed up on time, never left my property a mess at the end of their work day like many others do. They work like a well-oiled machine together. I would absolutely refer anyone to this company. I wish they did some of the other stuff I need done around here so I know that it'll get done with zero hassles. Kudos to this crew!!!!"
Dee Gingrich
Hershey, PA

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Looking for new driveway installation near me? If your asphalt driveway is in need of a little TLC, CMI Paving can help. We’re proud to offer residential paving services to homeowners in Central PA and the surrounding areas, including Dauphin, Perry and York counties. With over four decades of experience, we’re your trusted residential asphalt paving company. 


If you have any questions about our residential asphalt paving services or any other services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give our residential driveway paving experts a call at (717) 774-6565 to speak to a representative or contact us online to request an estimate appointment.  We’ll be in touch shortly.

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