Stormwater Management

Properly managing stormwater is essential for property protection. Stormwater can flood your lawn, streets and driveway when ignored, creating landscaping and road hazards. CMI Paving has solutions for stormwater mitigation in the Central Pennsylvania area.

Best Ways to Divert Stormwater from Asphalt Driveways


Because every driveway is different, here are some of the significant signs your driveway could be experiencing poor stormwater drainage:


  • Discoloration: Standing stormwater can create large, dark spots on the asphalt and even dull your driveway’s appearance. 
  • Eroding: Too much water flow without proper drainage can break down and crumble your driveway, usually along the edges and near the road.
  • Cracking: Water flow can be heavy on your driveway’s top, causing hairline cracks or full splits across the whole thing.

There are a few ways to divert stormwater from asphalt driveways. While some dig trenches, others go a different route to plant trees or install a drainage system for stormwater mitigation. The options are endless, and the primary goal is to prevent structural damage from standing water.


Our Stormwater Management Services for Pennsylvania Homeowners


CMI Paving provides residential stormwater management systems, creating drainage solutions for driveways. We tailor our solutions to meet your home’s exact needs with services such as:


  • Paving: We are experts in residential paving solutions for your driveway. Asphalt is a recommended paving material for stormwater management solutions, as its porous surface can drain water more naturally than other solutions.
  • Drainage systems: CMI Paving is also proficient in rainfall and stormwater runoff management. Our experts can install a catch basin — an underground drainage system positioned at the low point in your driveway to collect any water that pools.
  • Drainage grading: We can repair or install a driveway with a slope to optimize the water flow around your driveway. A proper slope can prevent standing water and further damage.

Stormwater Drainage and Runoff Solutions for Local Commercial Areas


Parking lots experience a lot of traffic, and standing water can cause hazards for patrons. Excessive water flower can also divert customers from shopping or visiting certain areas, drawing away business.


In addition to residential stormwater maintenance, we help commercial areas with their parking lot drainage solutions. Like driveways, parking lots can use stormwater runoff management to maintain structural integrity.


Specifically, CMI Paving can provide paving and repair for the general wear and tear of parking lots. Our team can inspect the area, find the issue and create solutions, such as adding a slight slope or repaving the lot.


Ready to Protect Your Central Pennsylvania Property from Stormwater Damage?


Discover how CMI Paving can help you implement effective stormwater management solutions. We have been in business since 1985 and continue to expand across the Central Pennsylvania area. We are proud to serve our community by managing stormwater runoff and other drainage solutions.


If you’re ready to start building a defense against stormwater, you can contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping wherever we can.