Perry County Paving Services

Think about what asphalt surfaces have to face year-round — between heavy rains, strong sunlight and frequent traffic, it’s natural for asphalt driveways, roads and parking lots to wear out over time. When you need to refresh their appearance and condition, it’s time to call CMI Paving. We are commercial and residential asphalt pavers serving Perry County and nearby Central Pennsylvania communities. As a reputable local paving company, our crew has been in business for over 30 years and is ready to deliver time-tested solutions in asphalt surfacing.

Residential Paving Services in Perry County, PA


No matter how gently Pennsylvania homeowners treat their asphalt driveway, years of exposure to the elements will result in cracks, crumbling and sunken areas. CMI Paving offers residential driveway paving in Perry County to repair and protect the structure and enhance curb appeal.

Our crew is skilled in flexible, fast solutions with great longevity, from milling and resurfacing driveways to more intensive projects that involve excavating and replacement. To help guard your driveway against stormwater damage, we also offer drainage management solutions that divert runoff effectively. 


Your Perry County Commercial Pavers

Our team performs business parking lot repairs and installations with detail and care. Whether you’re building a new parking lot or resurfacing an existing one, CMI Paving utilizes efficient asphalt rolling methods to keep projects within your time frame and budget. We also do paving at small business parking lots, shopping centers, private residential developments and industrial parks.

Our commercial paving services also include municipal and township road resurfacing in Perry County. Our crews can rejuvenate heavily traveled roadways suffering from potholes, cracks and other damage that prevent a smooth ride through your municipality. We work diligently to complete roadwork projects with minimal downtime so residents and visitors can get back to driving sooner.

Considering working with a Perry County paving contractor on an ongoing basis? Ask about partnership opportunities with CMI Paving!


Locally Owned and Operated for Nearly Four Decades

Based in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, CMI Paving has local connections to Perry, Dauphin, Cumberland and York Counties. Our team works closely with the residential and commercial clients in our area to understand the conditions of individual sites. 

We take on both large and small jobs and bring extensive experience in asphalt repairs and installations to each project. Whether it’s giving your home’s exterior a welcoming appearance or renewing your parking lot to welcome guests, we strive for the best possible results because we’re part of the community too.


Schedule a Paving Estimate Today

Offering superior customer service and a personalized approach to every project, our team at CMI Paving will ensure you have a fresh, bright asphalt surface to be proud of. Our seasoned team members have seen all kinds of asphalt issues and are able to evaluate each layer thoroughly, from the foundation to the surface coat.

When you aren’t sure about the extent of asphalt repairs you need, we’ll make an expert diagnosis and provide a competitive quote. Call us at 717-774-6565 or get in touch online to request an estimate.