Concrete Services in Central Pennsylvania

Are you concerned about concrete cracks and wear on your curb or sidewalk? Addressing these issues can enhance your property’s appeal, improve functionality and ensure safety by eliminating tripping hazards. At CMI Paving, we help commercial and residential owners increase their properties’ functionality and aesthetics. Our expertise extends to repairing and replacing damaged pavements, sidewalks and curbs. Contact us today to receive the best in concrete services near you.

Concrete Paving for Harrisburg, PA


Navigate your property with ease on smoothly paved concrete surfaces. Whether you want to drive without encountering cracks or enhance your outdoor area with a patio or walkway, properly laid concrete offers lasting benefits for your property. 


When installed correctly, concrete pavement can last up to a decade or more. Our concrete contractors have over 35 years of experience serving home and business owners in Harrisburg, PA, so we have the skills to build a strong foundation with a reinforced solid base. Our concrete pavers design smooth sidewalks that prevent accidents and increase your property’s value. 


Should you notice any signs of wear, such as horizontal cracks on your pavement, they could signify a more extensive issue. Our team can assess the damage and solve the underlying problem, extending your concrete’s longevity.


Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Replacement


Though often overlooked, sidewalks play a crucial role in accessibility and aesthetics. Visible cracks and unevenness detract from your property’s appearance and pose safety risks. Fixing these signs of damage enables risk-free access.


Our concrete paving crew designs concrete sidewalks to fit your exterior layout and blend with the natural surroundings. You can choose from a variety of finishes, including:








Besides enhancing visual appeal and safety, our concrete sidewalk repair and replacement services are tailored to withstand the test of time. We offer a three-year paving material and labor warranty, proving our commitment to quality and durability. We also understand that each property is unique, which is why we work closely with each client to identify the best solutions that meet their needs and preferences. 


Concrete Curb Repair


Concrete curbs manage stormwater drainage on your parking and sidewalks when in good condition. The structures direct water away from the concrete surface, protecting it from wearing out, weakening and forming cracks. If you’re running a business, installing curbs on your sidewalks and parking lots prevents people from stepping on the surrounding vegetation. Our services include repairing damaged curbs and installing new ones, with options for distinctive color finishes for visibility and appeal.


You’ll enjoy various benefits working with our crew for your curb repair, for instance:

Our concrete repair experts will recommend finishing options to make your home or business more appealing.


We will schedule the repair at your convenience.

Our concrete paving crew will use high-quality materials that can withstand heavy usage.


Contact Your Trusted Concrete Contractors in Harrisburg, PA, Today


Our process begins with a thorough site visit to assess your concrete repair or replacement needs. From the initial stages to the final touches, our team handles every step of the process with utmost care and professionalism. Would you like to repair your pavements, sidewalks and curbs without worrying about them for the next few years?


Trust CMI Paving to place, repair and replace your concrete in Harrisburg, PA. Ready to get started, and want to learn more about the concrete pavement cost of your project? Schedule an estimate today with our concrete paving company and let our team restore the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

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